Wicare Lekota Foundation

We are united in our dedication to widows


WiCare, an acronym for Widow Care...

WiCare Lekota Foundation is a registered Non-Profit Organization built by the widowed for the widowed as a support system geared towards empowering, enlightening and rehabilitating young widows in the society. Widowhood can be devastating even for the strongest of women; therefore widows are considered one of the most vulnerable groups of individuals subjected to neglect by their families and the society at large. WiCare hopes to create a strong network of young widows as we open the door to a new world of hope, revival, survival and great support WE ARE UNIQUE because we offer support beyond bereavement through several programs and activities which provide social, economic and legal awareness while ensuring long lasting relationships. We understand and we believe in the power of shared experience therefore our members freely bring their own unique experiences with them, we provide a suitable environment for healthy growth and emotional support as we totally relate to the challenges in dealing with emotional pain, raising children, managing finances and handling enormous tasks alone.


DIANE KALU is the founder of WiCare Lekota Foundation an institution built for the widowed by the widowed setup to sensitize young widows to do more post loss despite the displacement and stigmatization they suffer from a society meant to protect them . She often says widowhood is not the end of the road you can use the “stones throws at you to pluck as many fruits as possible”. Diane also concurrently runs a grief support group with the help of other efficient young widow, which holds almost a 100 young widows within the ages of 23-47 years spreading across Nigeria and beyond , bringing emotional healing,bonding and long lasting support to this vulnerable group. Diane is also a recording artiste with several singles released.
“If given the opportunity a widow can become a vital part of the society rather than being treated as a long term object of need. Nothing on the surface shows the scar in the soul”. #griefnodeyshowforface Diane Kalu.


– Our Mission

To support young widows through the grieving process and beyond by ensuring the provision of social, economic and psychological support for healthy living while legal and social awareness is created. Furthermore, we hope to provide a suitable environment for healthy growth and development as they re-engage in the society.

– Our Vision

To be a catalyst of social progress which provides a safe haven for young widows and ensures lasting support by developing creative and sustainable means of empowering widows such as skill development.

– Our Objectives

Empowering and equipping young widows to become self-reliant through capacity/skill development while maximizing their potential, this will help them enhance their productivity and enable them contribute effectively to socioeconomic development activities in the society.

– Our Core Values
C – Collaboration
L – Love
E – Empowerment
A – Advocacy
V – Vigour
E – Empathy


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