If this is your first Christmas

Brace up winter is coming! ❄ The frost bite of loneliness will numb you yet hurt you. The triggers – many memories of how it used to be and what could have been. If this is your first Christmas, lay hold of an anchor now, something that will make this season bearable. Ever wonder how someone can be in the midst of many people yet still be lonely – you may experience this. If this is your first Christmas you will feel deserted but remember you are not alone. The tears will flow but also never forget it’s just a 2 weeks holiday. Brace up if this is your first Christmas, the pitiable looks and sly remarks…They will get to you! The families will look happier because you yearn for yours…A whirlwind of emotions, will come rushing at you. Plan early, if possible spend it with people who love and support. People who will make you laugh or hangout with them even though all you want to do is cry. Brace up for the winter, to prevent frostbites that will linger after the holiday season . ❤❤❤❤

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