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WiCare has impacted me so much. I used to be depressed and confused before I found WiCare, however with the love I experienced in this community. I have become a better person, I realize who I am that no matter what situation I am going through God has a better plan for me. I also learnt that widowhood isn’t the end of life, that I can still achieve anything I want, regardless of all the challenges I face. Wicare also supported me to start a small business here in the village where I am live . Indeed it has become a place of healing for the wounded heart of the widowed.
Juliet C. Ogu
Wicare has impacted me so much, my mind is constantly renewed from all the trauma I experienced in this journey through the shared experiences and facilitators who come often to speak with us. I am happy to be a part of this family. I have also come to realize Widowhood is a status confirm by fate and not choice!
Adeola Dunsin
I’ve been Widowed for one year and five months. Life was not easy for me and my four kids until a friend introduced me to Wicare. Wicare is a place for people like me to be. Wicare has intervened severally and supported me in many ways especially emotionally at a point I was suicidal, they came to my rescue. Wicare is a great place, without Wicare I don't think I will be alive today, because when I was out there before I join Wicare I face dejection and a lot helplessness but since I join Wicare, they’ve worked on my mind I become strong enough to even encourage other women like me. Wicare is real! The interesting thing is how connected we all are even though I have never met any of them. Long live WiCare!
Uyia Victor
WiCare has made me feel like I’m not the only widowed young lady. I joined just few months after I lost my husband and I felt like I could look forward to good again. “I could relate with people who could understand"
Rhoda Hotonu