Individual Grief

Sugar may be great but bad for soup. Salt may be great but wrong for tea. Yes, Grief is a common denominator in Loss. I realize that for every individual there’s a factor which deepens the grief further. Identifying this can help you process your grief properly. These factors determine how deep and how long a person griefs. If you are able to identify the factors that deepen your grief then develop coping mechanisms or solutions, you would be doing yourself a huge favor. A person’s individual grief may stem from the loss of companionship while another’s maybe the loss of Dependency (someone to provide for them). It may be loss of exotic lifestyle, It may even be loss of security or even sex 🤷🏽‍♀. Note: A person’s history often shapes how they grief individually. E.g; A woman who was raised alone by her mum, then marries a man who loves her and cherishes her, may mourn for the security he provided. If she can find security then she will feel better and heal faster. This is not to say they can’t be multiple reasons but there is core reason. If you critically meditate on this subject you may be able to identify your individual factor, it just may be half way out of the problem. Deeqalu🌸 Good day Ruthians❤

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