Our Programs

We have designed specific programs to meet the unique needs of the widowed community.

Mentorship Programs for Kids

Funtime and Counseling, is proudly presented by WiCare Lekota Foundation as part of our Connection program called WiConnect . It’s an opportunity to not only reach out young Widows but also their young children. By providing Bonding (Mum and children) Peer to peer support Counseling opportunities Etc.

Boys Mentoring Series

Boys Mentoring Series is a mentoring program which holds virtually once a month. It is setup to help young boys realize their potentials , become socially competent , self reliant and also embrace the purpose God has designed for them. We look forward to raising boys who can change the world.


Wicare Teacher’s Palliative 

We understand how challenging it’s been for teachers during this Covid -19 pandemic, private school teachers in Nigeria haven’t earned for months now. This is why we have provided relief fund to help cushion the effect of the Long break from school with no financial support. Support us so we can reach out to teachers.

Our Events

An opportunity for members to bond ,engage and learn from each other and also the designated facilitators

Connection Program

Social activities that provide emotional, psychological, legal support needed to cope with bereavement.

Parenting program

To help groom healthy family relationships as well as effective parenting for young widows with children.

Empowerment program

Financial and skill empowerment to help bear the enormous responsibilities newly widowed women are faced with.