Unique Third Year

There’s something about ‘3rd year’. 3 years seems like a very significant time in the life span of anything. At 3 years a child is expected to be semi independent. By the 3rd year of marriage a couple should have adapted very well to their new status and relationship. Business analyst predict stability and profit making in business after *3 years*, I believe this also applies to this widowhood. Year 1 – Infant/Novice in an unfamiliar yet uncomfortable place. @Deeqalu 🌸 Year 2 – Finding happiness in the strangers place, learning how to crawl then stagger when you try to walk. Year 3 – Slowly blossoming, no more staggering, being able to run, having the courage to do more, be more. Year 4 & above – you can fly, navigate and develop coping mechanisms and adaptive measure. Of course you know there are no hard and fast rules to these things. Some people heal quicker sooner than the 3rd year while some people take longer. This is just to encourage someone. The effort you are putting into yourself may not look like much, but will pay off soon. Little drops of water make an ocean. Deeqalu🌸

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